What song makes you happy?

Hi guys, hope you are doing well! Answering what song makes you happy is a tough task, certainly, it exists several. At least it is like that with me, since I was a child, it has been presented in my life, my mother has always loved to sing, my father was already in the morning listening to classical music on those big old radios.

I have grown up by seeing my parents host friends at home with a full table and a lot of music, when we were to a party, they were the last to get out of the dancing floor. We have learned that songs push our good moments and help us in others not so good ones.

The music has been coming up with a set of emotions, can let us be happy, sad, calm, or unquiet, everything depends on our experiences and memories. In each person, the same song causes different sensations, but after all, we all have our songs with memories, those when we listen to, they transport us to a determined moment, and, suddenly, take us a little smile. We can remember smells, tastes, and a flash flush of feelings breaks into our perception.


My thing was always to sing

I have never played a musical instrument, unlike my sister who played piano and my brother who played everything that appeared just by hearing. My thing has always been singing, that's why I became a vocal part of my brother's band, and we won several festivals!

When I want to transmit a determined sensation in an ambient, I search references on the music, this is the way I have found to translate our feelings. Releasing that voice that comes from the deep of soul, and the own sound of each one.

Indeed, music is part of my communication, who knows me knows that I have always had a little piece of music to illustrate a determined situation. When I prepare an ambient, I get already imagining what song should be playing there to complete the scene. Right now, a part of the song “Sangrando” (bleeding), by Gozaguinha, comes to my mind.

“...When I let go of my voice,

Please understand

it's just my way of life

What is love.

And if I cry and the sun wets my smile

Don't be surprised, sing that your singing is mine

Strength to sing..."


The music and the marketing

Music as a tool for the creation of a determined atmosphere is a manner much utilized by the Marketing area. Have you already realized the soundtrack of the stores that you visit? In many cases they are not done by chance, they were carefully studied to transmit sensations to the customers.

In the scholar period, I had difficulty memorizing pronouns, capital cities, among other things. To facilitate this process, I used to create kinds of music. I have realized that the song would help me in my learning because I knew by heart all advertisement that was shown on TV, I lived making jingle championship with my brother. Actually, I still remember some of these marketing campaigns.


Music therapy

Music helps me to relax and gives me the animus to face a new day. Gymnastic, then…just with much music really! hahaha

It is proved that music makes well to the health. It stimulates the release of dopamine, the hormone responsible for well-being sensation, activates the immunological system, reduces blood pressure, and calm us down. I have already mentioned these points in the post with tips to alleviate the stress. It is the science proving it, what in somehow, we have already imagined, is not it really?

Did you know that the song has a positive impact on the babies as well? They can remember songs that they listened to when they still were in their mom’s bellies. After the born, when they listen to these songs again, they calm themselves down, have a diminishing of colic, and sleep better.


Music and spirituality

Since the most remote times music and spirituality walk by given hand, practically all religions utilize them in their ceremonies.

I have participated in a practice that Africans used to make during the slavery time that marks me a lot. Even arrested and humiliated, they gathered themselves at night, lighting a campfire and with the noise made by the junction of handcuffs on the hand and foot, they made a sound and danced across the fire. They sang religious songs to the gods, and this helped them to transmute the energy of unrest, angry and pain for something better. Symbolically, they burnt their anguishes and renewed their forces. A life lesson that I will never forget.

I would love to know at least a song that brings you a good sensation. Leave it here in the comments, I will love to read it.

Do you also remember any old ad that was left recorded in your mind?



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