How to decor the entryway of your house or apartment

Hi guys, hope you all are doing well! Today I am going to give you several tips on how to decor the entryway of your house or apartment, the famous “hall”, that first ambient whose all people will have access when getting into your home, the visit card. For this very, it should reflect the personalities of those who live there, to be beautiful and practical. Do you know what is cool? Regardless of the size, it is possible to conquer a great effect and impress everyone who arrives.

The hall is a space that needs to match the decor of the rest of the house, mainly of those ambient that come next. You can and should dare to make an impact but is important to preserve the same style for ensuring visual harmony. So, let go to the tips because you might be anxious.

Furniture and décor in the house entryway

The console table is furniture that is the “face of the hall”. A decorative as well as a functional piece, because it serves as support when we get in the home. Furthermore, we can garnish it with a beautiful vase of flowers or any other cool object.

I like very much using mirrors in this place, they contribute to improving the amplitude, they are beautiful and useful to confer personal look before going out. We can also use a screen or a set of pictures, everything will depend on the effect you wish.

To transmit coziness to your guests, place a beautiful rug, or runner, if it is possible, a plant, after all, a little green never is too much.

Worry also about the illumination, it brings that charm, be it for highlighting a picture, an object, or to guarantee the sensation of ampleness. If your entryway hall is big, it worth investing in a glamourous chandler and proportional to the place size.

The choice of the colors is much personal, but as this is a small ambient, the neutral and clear colors are more indicated, this does not mean that you cannot use a vibrant tone, if it makes sense to the rest of the décor, go for it. A cool alternative for home entrance is wallpapers, They give a personal touch, are beautiful and elegant.


Functional entryway hall

If your family has the habit do change the shoes when coming from outside, you need a functional entryway hall, in the mudroom style, much common here in the USA, a practical little corner where people leave the shoes and hang the coats.

In this case, it is important to have a bench at the entryway. There are some models with shelves underneath that serve as shoe racks, it is great because it optimizes the space. A beautiful and different solution is to use some basket under the bench to store shoes. If it does not trouble the circulation, an armchair or a beautiful chair is an option full of charm.

The console tables, in this case, are very welcome, choose a model with a drawer to store keys, wallets, and small objects of the day-by-day. For those small entries, the alternative would be to install a small shelf, you can decorate with some boxes, perfect for replacing drawers, you can decorate with some little boxes which are perfect to replace drawers.

It is also possible making a combination of furniture, you put a console table and underneath that, you can place puffs and stools. In this way, you will have a place for sitting and changing the shoes, at the same time, you can utilize the bench when you need extra seats in the living room.

For hanging bags and coats, use some wall hangers, they are great to organize the daily. There are some beautiful models that will décor your home when they are not in use.

Ideas for decorating exterior home entry

There is also the exterior entry of the apartment or home, for this ambient I have recorded a video with many ideas to decorate them. Take a look!

Our home entryway is like it were a series spoiler, it tells a little bit about what we will see and lets us with a taste of “I want more”.

Tell me, what did you think about these tips?

Lu’ kisses


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