Let’s celebrate the Friend Day

Hi guys, how are you doing? Did you know that today is Friend Day? A date which deserves to be celebrated, is not it really? After all, we cannot imagine life without them alongside us, supporting us and talking those inconvenient truths that sometimes we need to hear. Mario Quintana (Brazilian writer) has already said:

“There are two kinds of borings: the borings properly said and the friends who are our predilect”.

Regardless of the kidding, let’s combine, is not it people, whoever has a friend has everything in this life! And, do you know what is interesting, there are studies that indicate that they do not just improve life quality but, in fact, they can make you live more. Everything of good. Is not it really?

How Friend Day has emerged

When the man came to the moon, on July 20th, 1969, the Argentine professor and doctor, Enrique Ernesto Febbrano, has gotten so impressed to find that when humankind gathers itself, there are no impossible objectives, that he sent about four thousand letters to several countries and Argentine cities, with aiming to create the Friday Day.

In 1979, the Argentine govern created, officially, the Friend Day, gradually, many other countries have gotten adhering to date, like the case of Brazil in 1990. In 2011, the UN (United Nations) enacted the date July 30th as the International Day of Friendship. The purpose is that the companionship among folks, countries, cultures, and individuals inspire peace efforts and construct stronger links among communities.

In this way, Friend Day can vary according to the country, but what that does not change is the feeling we save into our heart, after all, we cannot imagine life without these dear people, that full our existence of happiness, who are by our side in the worst and best times.

Friend is something to keep

“Friend is something to keep locked by seven keys inside the heart…”

This music is wonderful it was written by Milton Nascimento to honor his friend, South African multi-instrumentalist Ricky Fattar, which reflects exactly what I think about friendship.

I love being among friends, as I have already moved away many times of cities and countries, where I pass, I cultivate new friendships that add value and love to my life, it makes me a better person, and stimulate me to see the world throughout a new perspective, I have already talked about that in the post about getting out comfort zonebut I like to make it stronger with my friends and relatives who helped me to come here.

When I have moved here, to the USA, I was felt so lonely, I wanted to have a friend, her or she, of those who know us as nobody, that, even without ready answers, they can comfort me by a look or hug.

I missed those delicious lunches for chatting, to talk about more profound issues, relieve my anguishes, or laugh at ourselves, which is also delightful. In the beginning, it was also difficult to understand the English language due to the American accent, I believe if I had a friend by my side, we would laugh at that as well.

At some moments I realized that it would not do for me to complain, then I decided to open myself up to new friendships. The most curious is that I have become a friend of people who, normally, I would not approach, because being much different from me, and it was what makes me expand much more my life perspective.

Nowadays, I live in Florida, the USA, where most people have already been vaccinated, little by little we can see signs of certain normality. For this reason, I have had the privilege and could celebrate my birthday with my friends, people from several different tribes. Guys, it was an incredible afternoon, because, for most of them, that was the first social event after so long time in lockdown. A delightful moment, where we could hug ourselves, laugh, and celebrate life, after a so tough period. Watch here in this video how it was pleasant.

Time does not go by with friends

Have you already realized that when we find out a friend (he/she), time seems not went by? It is like we have seen each other in the previous week, the conversation flows from where we have stopped. We do not spend time with charges, that, by the way, I hate to! We just enjoy that present moment for creating even more memories which make us happy and relieve us in hard times.

If where you live things have been still complicated, be patient and celebrate Friend Day even away, because true friendship resists everything, by the way, it is in the most difficult moments that become stronger itself and show more necessary. In case it is possible, celebrate by body and soul.

Happy Friend Day for you who have been here reading this post, hope it touches your heart and motivates you to call all people you placed in your friendship circle, combine a virtual happy hour, if this is the safer alternative, but celebrate it.

Take and send this post to all your friends.



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