Having a life purpose supports you to live better

Hi guys, how are you doing? Answer a thing to me, what is your mission? Have you already stopped to think about it? By the way, did you know that having a life purpose supports you to live better? I am not who is saying this, there are serious studies that demonstrate that.

Purpose is that will of making or reaching something, an internal force that motivates us, make us to want to improve more and more. It is our life objective, after all, all of us have one, we are not here by chance, but because we need to be.

Different from material things, the purpose makes us truly happy, it is not that ephemera happiness like buying a new bag, that goes by some minutes after using it for the first time. I am talking about living in happiness state, a feeling which fills and pushes us forward, even those days not so cool like that.

On the other hand, a person who does not have a life purpose, generally, feels empty herself/himself, and is not able to be happy, even when achieves something very cool.

According to the professor and philosophy Mário Sérgio Cortella, “purpose is that which stimulates by outside and motivates inside”.

Watch what he says about purpose here on this video.

Yes, purpose has to do with happiness

Sometimes, we allow ourselves to be taken by wave, get at safe from the comfort zone, even when it makes bad for us. Like I said last week, this process of getting out of the comfort zone scares us, but is necessary, a change to find happiness and fullness. Regardless of age, never is late to restart and go to our life purpose.

There are days that will be harder, stop, breathe deep and re-start, do not renounce your life mission, in this way the happiness will come together.

Long life for those who has a life purpose

Look, that’s interesting, researchers from Harvard School of Public Health have discovered that those people with a life purpose have more probability to remain healthiest and keep themselves physically strong as getting oldest.

Another study from researcher Eric Kim has discovered that a sense of purpose more elevated is as well as linked to the reduced risks of disability, stroke, heart disease, sleep disorders, and other health problems.

Do you realize that everything s related? Life purpose, happiness, and health walk hand in hand, my people.

How to find our life purpose

I believe that to find out the life purpose is necessary, firstly, we know ourselves, to understand what motivates us, what makes our eyes shining.

Monja Coen, on the video below, gives us some tips to support who those did not find their true life mission yet.

Guys, we were born to be happy, have plenty, and mainly: for spreading love, this is our essence, and the purpose generally has to do with the loving essence that we carry. If you did not find out yours, learn about yourself, inside you.

Tell me, what is your purpose?

The mine is to help and inspire people by my work as an interior design and youtuber, for this reason, I ask you, share this post with your friends and help this message to come farthest.



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