10 Ideas to take advantage of the space under the stairs

Hi guys, hope you all are doing well. Attending countless orders, I have prepared this post with 10 ideas to take advantage of the space under the stairs. I am sure that here you will find out a smart solution to occupy this place. With a little bit of creativity and good taste, we have been able to use this area and, also let the ambient beautiful and cozy. So, let’s go to the list!


1 – Reading corner


For those who like to read, they can take this place for creating a reading corner, it is enough a delightful armchair, a support table, or a bench with several cushions, that the ambient will be ready. Do not forget to put so much in the illumination, this is place which trend to be dark, but a good lamp solves the problem very well. This is a great solution to those houses with stair in the living room.


2 – Bookshelf


A woodwork Project is perfect to create a cool bookshelf, that will be filled with book and decoration objects. By this manner you will gain an extra are to organize your home.


3 – Home Office

If your staircase is in a more intimate area, transforming your space into a home office might be the solution you needed. In this case, use the highest space to position the computer and chair, in the lowest part put drawers and files. Don't forget to install extra light points and outlets.


4 – Wine rack / bar

Photo via @kappi.gh

Have you ever thought of making a wine rack or a home bar to storage the drinks, glasses, and accessories that are used to prepare the drinks? This is a great solution to the stairs located next to the living room, it gets beautiful and functional.


5 – Garden

This space can be used to create a beautiful garden. Mainly, whether it is that model of opened stairs, or if it divides two ambient. Placing plants will take life, cozy and lightness to ambient. I recommend that very much, after all, you all know that I love to decorate with green.


6 -TV

If the stair stays on TV room, you can do a home theater, remember predicting the TV point and outlets. This is a functional a beautiful alternative that affords a great taking of the space.


7 – Mudroom

Quando a escada fica bem na entrada da casa, uma solução é usar o vão como mudroom. Muito comum aqui nos Estados Unidos, o mudroom é um cantinho na entrada das residências onde deixamos casacos, sapatos, chaves, guarda-chuva e todas aquelas coisas que a gente quer se livrar logo que entra em casa. Geralmente é composto por um banco, ganchos ou pequeno armário. Depois da pandemia esse conceito ganhou força e se espalhou ao redor do mundo.


8 – Pet space

Jasmine Roth

Have you already thought to create a pet space under the stair? You may place a stylish little bed, a playground for cats, to make a little house with a help of a carpenter, use niches to store their toys, and all kinds of perks that your pet deserves.


9 – Toilet

This is an alternative that demands a little work, of course, but building a toilet is a great manet to take advantage of this space, and let’s face it, a toilet is never too much.

10 – Closet

When the stair is located next to the kitchen, you may request to make a closet that will serve as the pantry. If it is next to the dining room, it will be useful to stow tableware and tablecloths. I have recorded a video with some alternatives, watch here below.


I wish that these 10 ideas can inspire you. Comment here below how you use the space under the stair. Have you done different something than I suggested?

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