How to choose a dining table

Hi guys, how are you doing? In my opinion, one the best thing in life is to gather someone whose we like around a table and have delicious food, no hurry, tasting the meal, but also enjoying the people companion. For this reason, it is important to choose a perfect dining table, after all, it will welcome these so special and unforgettable occasions.

From my point of view, the dining table must be used by the family, cannot be that elegant ambient whose we never enjoy it. So, before comparing a table, we should think how is our routine and choose furniture that is suitable for our lifestyle, and not a table of decoration magazine. We have to ally the design, available space, and the life we take.

Let’s start talking about the choice of table size.

Dining table size

Before everything, you need to know what space size where you will put your dining table. It is recommendable to leave a space for circulation between 80 and 90cm. If the table stays beside a corridor or passing area, leave one meter of distance, to the people who are sit do not block the way.

After measuring your space, consider that each person occupies between 60 and 75 cm sited. As soon as you have all these measures, it is just to calculate for seeing what the ideal size for your table is so that your space has fluidity and comfort. It is better to have a small table that receives all people in a comfortable way than a big one that gets in the way.

Dining table formats

After you have taken all measures and defined the size, it is time to choose the format of the dining table. This is another challenge, and for supporting you, I am going to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them. Thereby you can make your choice.


It is a great format to welcome more than four people, whether your family is big or if you like to host visits, this is a good choice, and it gets perfect in spaces that are also rectangular.


It is in super fashion, can welcome eight people, if the space is generous, or four people to small ambients. They get more comfortable if the pilar of the table is centric, thereby it avoids that foot of people, and chair get hitting each other.


This format is more indicated to small spaces and gets well in squared areas. In a round table always fit one more, even a little tight. It is an interesting model because allows everyone to look at themselves, creating an intimate climate, on the other hand, if this kind of table is too large, it gets hard to the time of serving.


I usually say that an oval table is a merge between rectangular and rounded, because it has the advantages of these both formats together, besides being charming. With it you can welcome more than four people, in case of coming on more guest by surprise, it is easy to set on more place around the table.

How to choose chairs

The perfect chair is the one that we feel good to sit on, where everyone can eat without hurry, enjoying the meal moment, and chatting with comfort.

Be alert to the height of chairs! To a table of 75 cm, choose a chair with a 45 cm seat. They do not need to be equals, it is worth mixing several models, even to compound chairs and benches.

In case you need inspiration, watch the video that I have posted there on Youtube, showing the decoration of a charming dining room, that I love it.

I hope this post has helped you to choose the dining table of your home so that you can enjoy unforgettable moments with you family and friend. I am going to take the chance and give you a suggestion…what about preparing a delicious dessert to serve in the inauguration of your table? The original Prisco’s Abbot Pudding is an easy and unforgettable recipe.



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