Original Recipe of Prisco’s Abbot Pudding

Hi guys, today’s post is mouth-watering! I am going to teach the original recipe of the pudding Prisco’s Abbot, “Abade de Priscos”, a very traditional flan from the region of Braga in Portugal. I am going to talk a little about its origin and some interesting curiosities.

Who was Prisco’s Abbot?

The Prisco’s Abbot (Abade de Priscos) really existed my friends, he was a monk, called Manoel Joaquim Machado Rebelo, and was born in 1834, and lived in Braga’s region. He was famous because of his culinary skills, and he used to gift people closest to him with delicious dishes, and he even reached to cook for D. Luis I, Portugal’s King at that time.

Despite his fame as a good cooker, the famous Prisco’s Abbot Pudding is one of the little-known recipes, since he did not take notes, making everything by memory. I have tasted this delicacy when I was in Portugal and can ensure that is amazing, I had never eaten a flan like that, it is smooth, soft, velvety texture and incomparable taste.

In this visit to Portugal, I have met Aunt Bina, a super sympathetic lady, that has been chosen to receive the original recipe of Prisco’s Abbot Pudding. Watch this video that I have recorded with her:

Recipe of Prisco’s Abbot Pudding

Let’s get down to the business, the original recipe of the Prisco’s Abbot Pudding! You are going to see that it is quite easy.


½ liter water
½ kg sugar
1 cinnamon stick
Lemon peel
50g fresh lard
15 egg yolks
1 glass of port wine
200g sugar to make caramel

How to prepare

  • Place on fire the water with sugar, lard cut into thin pieces, lemon peel, and cinnamon. Boil to make a “ponto de fio” (like a syrup). After, pass in a sieve and make that to cool down.
  • Blend a little the Port wine with egg yolks, gather the caramel that you prepared before and had let it cool down, which should be still a little heating. Stir a lot.
  • Put everything in a caramelized mold, cover, and cook over simmering water (bain-marie) for 40 minutes.
  • After that, let it cool down, and take it off from the mold.

Why exist so many Portuguese Candy based on eggs

Have you ever perceived how many candies are made based on eggs? This happens because, in the past, Portugal was a big eggs producer, exported the eggwhites that were used to iron clothes and used to produce White Wine. The yolks were become trash or animal food. Posteriorly, with arriving of the huge amounts of sugar comes from Portuguese colonies, like Brazil, they started to develop several kinds of recipes linking these two ingredients.

By around Century XVIII, was declared the extinction of religious orders in the country, and to keep themselves, the convents have begun to produce candies to sell. Then the “Doçaria Conventual” arose, that is, emerged from convents, and for this reason, there are so many candy with related names to Catholicism, as “toucinho do céu (Sky’s Lard)”, “barriga de freira (Sister’s belly), “fatias do bispo (Bishop’ slices)”, “queijinhos do céu (skyes litle cheese)”, and pudding “Abade de Prisco (Prisco’s Abbot Pudding)”.

Guys, this a recipe of different pudding, I guarantee that if you prepare it to your family and friend, everyone will love. But look, do not forget to tell me their reaction.



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