How to choose the right curtain for each ambient

Hi guys, how are you doing? Have you ever felt lost among the options of curtains in the market? It is totally understandable, there are so many models, materials, and styles, that seems impossible to choose the right curtain for each ambient, but today I am going to help you.

Curtains are everything good. They left the ambient beautiful and cozy, but they are not just decorative, they are multifunctional pieces, protect the furniture’s from the sun and give us privacy to enjoy moments with the family.

The choice of the right curtain depends on the characteristics of each ambient, it is not enough combining with decoration, we need to take into consideration the practicality for cleaning; if the local is humid, sunny. But keep calm that I will explain everything how to choose the ideal curtain for each ambient of your home.

Curtains for kitchen

The curtains for the kitchen must preserve the natural lighting, be resistant to wet and easy cleaning. The shutters in PVC are great choices.

If you wish to give a romantic aspect to your kitchen, you can utilize synthetic lace, that are easy to clean and allow a good entrance of light.

But be careful with the local where you will put your curtain. If it will be above the stove, I do not recommend it. Besides greasing easily, it is dangerous, because there is the risk to get fire with some spark.

Curtains for the couple’s bedroom

The couple’s bedroom asks for curtains more charming and romantics. The rod models are elegant and let the environment cozy. The roman models are more sophisticated, while the shutters and panels bring up modernity to the bedroom.

Prefer the refinement of long curtains, but if exist some small furniture in front of the window, opt for a short mode.

The natural fabrics are more indicated to this room, and if the luminosity is a bother, chose the blackout model.

Curtains for the kids' bedroom

For the kids’ bedroom, the short curtain models are released, because they pass on joviality and relaxation, but is important they also being easy to cleanup, like shutters and panels.

If you choose a fabric model, it is advisable to be anti-mite to avoid allergy for children.

Curtains for the living room

The living room is the home’s Id card, it is worth investing in a wonderful curtain! It should be cozy and at the same time elegant, like those made by fabric.

In this case, the texture and volume make every difference in the result, and in the style, you wish to reach. You can use fabric not so bulky, like linen and cotton. If the idea is to give a smooth effect and fluid, the silk and voil are more indicated. On the other hand, you wish a full-bodied curtain, that filter the light, twill and velvet are good choices.

Curtains for the bathroom

The bathroom is a room with a lot of humid, for this reason, it is important that curtains are in impermeable fabric or PVC shutters.

Extra tip for choosing the ideal curtain

Before buying the curtains, check if the fabric has been pre-cleaned, thereby you will be sure that will not shrink when to clean. And one thing more, run away from vertical shutters, because they seem corporate ambient and will let your home look like an office.

Following these tips, your home will get beautiful, comfortable, and in your personal style.

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