Barbeque and picnic, how to receive at open-air

Hi guys, hope you all are doing well! You know that I love to gather with family and friends, I do not need to say the reason, I celebrate the life and good things that the universe affords me always it is possible. On the hot days, I like to organize barbeque and picnic at open-air, enjoying the fresh breeze and happiness afforded by the sun. For this reason, I have chosen this theme for today, I am going to give you some tips about receiving your guests and taking the party a lot.


BBQ at backyard our at apartment balcony

Self-respecting Brazilian loves to prepare a BBQ. It is a delightful way to spend time with beloved ones. We neither need a reason, the BBQ, by itself, is already a good reason to assemble the friends in a laid-back way; either at the backyard or at gourmet balconies, the important is the meet.

How to accommodate the guest at a BBQ event


For organizing a barbeque, the first thing that we need to think about is how to accommodate the guests seated. Being a laid-back encounter, we do not need to have a place at the table for everyone at the same time, because, in an event like that, people tend to circulate in group-to-group, by drinking and tasting before eating indeed. Being so, you can spread chairs, armchairs, puffs, and benches at ambient.

It is really nice to make a cool and cozy space with a rug and pillows, so people can sit on the floor. It's also really cool to use pallets with pillows, it's rustic, beautiful, and very comfortable.

If the party is in the backyard and you do not have enough shadow, provide some beach umbrellas to guarantee comfort to the guests.

How to organize the BBQ’s table

Utilize the buffet system to all the guests serve themselves when they wish and stay around the table only at the moment to get the meal.

To ensure good circulations, arrange the buffet in sectors, start with pilled plates and cutlery, so group the salads and sauces, at the sequence, side dishes, and the meat area. On an extra little table, place the desserts or serve them later after everyone has eaten.

Create a sector for beverages, with glasses, napkins, ice, and water. If you have space to put meals in a separate way, it will be better, so you will guarantee a good flow for the guests.

Decoration for the barbeque


As this is a casual event outside, it has all to do with giving a tropical touch to BBQ décor, therefore, you can apply colors a lot. There is a tip that I love, I have already talked about that at the post how to receive guests with creativity, but it is worth repeating here: use Elephant plant as table mat set. It gets very interesting.

By the way, nothing better than plants for decorating the barbeque! Have you already thought of putting flowers in small beer’ bottles rather than vases? It has all to do and is very creative.

For cutlery, I recommend leaving them wrapped in the napkins, the can be by fabric or paper, the important is to get nearby the plates. Thereby, it is easier for the invited serves themselves. Do not forget to give it a special touch, adding a flower, a dry wheat branch, or a sprig of rosemary. It gets a charm!

To serve the starters, leave the conventional! How about using a kitchen board? It is rustic, beautiful, and creative. Ah, choose light appetizers, after all the main dishes will be meat!

How to put undesirable bugs away from your BBQ

Bugs are undesirable guests to the barbeque, but there is how to free yourself from them! See my tips here on this video.


Backyard picnic

Have you ever thought about having a picnic in your backyard? This is a good idea to gather friends and family and spend pleasant hours outdoors.

Picnics go great with a light brunch menu, accompanied by refreshing drinks and delicious desserts.

In this case, the tips I gave above about ensuring shade for everyone, using pallets, pillows and rugs are also valid. The big difference is that at a picnic, people will not sit around the table, so, by this reason, the menu should include uncomplicated foods to eat, for example: canapés, small sandwiches, little cups with nuts and finger foods in general.

A creative and practical way to serve some food is to use glasses, see the case of this salad.

Fonte: Foodness gracious


Barbecues & picnics at night

May I have barbecues and picnics at night? Of course, you may! For these cases, do your best with lighting, leave the area where the food is served well lit, the rest of the environment can have indirect light, candles, torches, and strings of lights. That way it will be more intimate and cozier.

Do not use white light, choose yellow light and its beautiful amber tones, which are warm, are cozy and create beautiful shadows.

What did you think of these tips? If you liked it, share it on Facebook and your WhatsApp groups, so you can help spread the word about my work and maybe encourage your friends to invite you to a little barbecue!



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