Digital nomads, how do they live, where do they work?

Hi guys, hope you all are doing well! Lately, I have received many messages from people asking me how I have been able to keep my work routine with so many travels. For this reason, I have decided to write this post talking about digital nomadism because is how I identify myself.

We have learned at school that the nomads were ancient folks, hunter-collectors that moved from a place to another searching for food. A term that just appeared in history books nowadays is part of our contemporary repertory. If before today the humans moved themselves to survive, the modern man wants to live by moving himself. The dream of working while is traveling found out on the technology the perfect marriage, and in this way the digital nomads have arisen.

This tendency of digital nomadism looked like something utopic, accessible just to those professions related to IT, but the pandemic has come, by obligating the worldwide to make adaptations. Even more conventional professions have had to adjust themselves overnight to this lifeway.

The result is that after two years living in this manner, many people have realized that is possible to work anywhere. We do not need to live in a big city, with its inconveniences like traffic, pollution, noise for making money.

Several families moved to smaller cities, with more safety, tranquility, and better life quality. Others have chosen by nomadism, by dislocating by time-to-time, taking to know other places and different cultures.


What does a digital nomad need?

In order to be a digital nomad is fundamental to have a good internet connection, this is relatively easy nowadays, except if the idea is to live in the middle of the Amazon Forest.

This cliche image of a person is working on the beach with a notebook on his/her lap is much “instagramable”, but, at practice, it does not work! It is needed to have the comfort of a coziness home, with an infrastructure that makes it possible to work and enjoy the place. Once more time, the technology is in our favor, trough app of home rent, like Airbnb, is possible to find a perfect place to our pocket and each one’s lifestyle.

I see myself with this lifestyle because I am super curious related to the culture of other folks, and I have an enormous willingness of exploring this big world. For this reason, I travel a lot, and even so I keep working normally in my both careers as an interior designer and digital influencer. In my own experience, I say that to take an itinerant life is necessary to have organization and the ability to manage time, in this manner, we conquer the freedom for working, and, simultaneously, to take advantage of the place we are visiting.

In case you are coming up with being a digital nomad, knows that it is important to have a minimalist lifestyle, do not get accumulating thing that will complicate you daily. Of course, to keep a routine that involves all activities that you need to do, so you manage to fulfill your professional accountabilities and it is easier to adapt to the constant changes.


Digital nomad in the world

If you would like to be a digital nomad and live in the world like a gypsy, the first step is to combine with your employer or your clients, in the case of autonomous professionals. It is fundamental that everyone agrees with it, after all, it can be that you live in a different time zone and this, perhaps, is an inconvenience for them.

Before setting the suitcase up, it is important to know about the living cost in the place you intend to go, thereby you avoid unpleasant surprises. In the case you want to live in other countries, research about red tape procedures, like taxes and visas.

Some countries have flexible politics, exactly to attract this kind of tourism, like Estonia’s case that has a special visa to digital nomads whit tax-free. Barbados, Budapest, Dubai, Chiang Mei (Thailand) are some examples of places with similar rules. Portugal has created Digital Nomad Village, in Madeira’s Island, a co-working implemented especially to attend those people who work remotely by the planet.

This is an interesting lifestyle that pleases many folks, on the other hand, some people rather the traditional way of working and living, and this is not any problem. What is nice is that we have the freedom to do our own choices and elect that what makes us happy. And since we're talking about travel, I have a really cool post with 5 cities with a tradition in chocolate production, I think you'll be surprised by some of them!

You, what do you think about all this?



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