The transforming power of meditation

O poder transformador da Meditação

Hi guys, how are you doing? Today I am going to talk about a subject that I think very interesting, which is the transforming power of meditation. If you think that history to empty the mind is very complicated, know that meditation is nothing that! But calm down, breathe deeply, and come with me that I explain that.

What is

I think the first image which comes to our mind when we talk about meditation the Buddha’s statue in Lotus Flower position or of the “Hindus”. And It makes sense, after all, these religions do these ancestral practices, but there are hundreds of other kinds of meditation. The objective can be self-knowledge, serenity, internal connections, mind balance, among others.

Meditating is the exercise to focus the mind, avoiding it get wandering in disperse way. Currently, the meditating practice mindfulness has come to the spotlight, due to several scientific studies that testify its benefits, it is a practice from the east origin, and is not linked to any religion.

What is mindfulness

The mindfulness meditation or just mindfulness, means full consciousness, is to train our brain to get out from automatic pilot, in this way we can be more conscious of who we are and the world around us.

It looks like some transcendental, but, truly, they are simple practices focused on the breath. They help to slow down and get how our mind works. With a lucid mind, we are capable to deal with our challenges that show up in our way.

Do you know when we are at the beach with family, but the thought is in the work to be done on Monday? Or that is, instead of enjoying the present, that is unique, our mind has been divagating in the future hypotheses or brooding things from the past. It is where mindfulness gets in, it will help you not fall down in these tricks and remain at the present, with full attention at that moment.

Furthermore, the mindfulness practices decrease stress, anxiety, improve sleep quality, focus on, concentration, develop creativity, and afford healthier and well-being. Guys, It is awesome, is it not really?

O poder transformador da Meditação

How to medidate

You should be thinking that to reach these benefits, you will have to stay stopped for long hour chanting mantras, the good news is that you need nothing this, just some few minutes by day will be enough.

There are several APPs for meditating and mindfulnes, besides courses thar teach techniques of those practices. On the website of FIA- Fundação Instituto de Administração da USP there is a step-by-step, in case you wish to experiment.

Meditating is like any other exercise, our body needs to get used itself, in the beginning it can be hard, but as time goes by, we get used, for this reason it is important to keep regularity.

Tell me, do you have habit to meditate? How did it impact your life?



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